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September 2011 Blog

Hello from the most beautiful bay in the world!

September and October are two of the quietest months of the year so we've been enjoying some of the silence to update some of our suites and make small repairs and renovations in preparation for the throng of foreign tourists which will start to inundate the city starting in November.


Many people who haven't visited Acapulco don't realize what a fun, amazing place it is.  Those who have only visited Cabo or Cancun have not really even seen Mexico.  Those places are beautiful and nice but they were built from scratch (they didn't even exist 25 years ago) as a holiday resort destination for foreign tourists.

Acapulco, on the other hand, is a 400 year old city with an amazing cultural heritage.  In fact, "global trade" originated from Acapulco hundreds of years ago when Spanish and Chinese traders would make bi-annual trips from Acapulco to Manila in the Philippines on wooden galleons!  A heritage that still is celebrated in Acapulco where Chinese New Year is a major event and many of Acapulquenos have Chinese or asian ethnic backgrounds.

This month, the Irish Times did a great story on Acapulco and showed that it is one of the funnest and most unique locations in not only Mexico, but the world.

You can read their story here: Over The Edge in Acapulco.


Sometimes we don't even advertise some of the rental opportunities available here.  Because all of the suites in this building are privately owned, we get offers from some of the owners to offer specific, unique rentals from time to time.

As example, the owner of the most beautiful suite in the building - a beautiful double suite on the 29th floor - will be away for a few months.  He doesn't just want to rent it for a night... or even a week.  But told us if we have any discriminating potential renters who would take good care of his exquisitely decorated and outfitted suite, he'd be interested in renting it for periods of more than 3 weeks at a time.

The suite is incredible.  It has a 65", top of the line, Samsung LED TV, hooked up to our standard HDTV Canadian and US programming and all the furnishings are top makes and models.  For only $2,000/month.  It is an amazing deal.  You can see photos of the unit and get more information here:

As well, if you wish to rent any of our suites, including the 3 level penthouse suite, for more than 1 week booking we can offer a discounted rate, so feel free to contact us and let us know what you are looking for and we can probably find it for you.


As stated above, every single suite in our hotel are all privately owned.  And they were all purchased through our condo sales company, AcaCondos.  If you are looking for a great vacation property that can also earn good income through being rented out through our well respected boutique hotel brand, check it out at

You can own a stunning studio suite on the beach, fully renovated and with all new furnishings for under $70,000!


Fall and winter are fast approaching and we have been inundated with bookings... so if you plan to come down this fall or winter look to book soon! Just email us at with any specific requests or questions.


Michael Bach
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